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Author"s assembly of OS Windows 7/8 and WPI.


Author"s assembly Microsoft Windows® 7/8 by OVGorskiy

Assemblies are designed for himself in order to automate the process of installing the Windows operating system 7/8 and the necessary programs from the WPI program installer with optional checking RAM & The HDD before installing from under the boot from the DVD and simplify the installation process to a minimum.

   ATTENTION!!! The given assembly are provided to you extremely in orientation objectives. All the rights to specific products belong to their legal owners. If you have taken advantage of software products of the given assembly it is meant, that you are the owner of the license or remove the given products after the orientation period of use (30 days). For the offences connected with not licensed use, production presented on a disk, the author of assembly of the responsibility does not bear. On the termination of the trial period, we recommend or to get a key to assembly, or to remove it. Assembly is let out at personal desire of the author and for itself. Therefore for all use of the given software the author of the responsibility does not bear. Assembly is let out "AS IS" and downloaded by you at own will and at own risk.

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32 bit. system
64 bit. system
Add. Decor

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 Microsoft® Windows® 8™ x86-x64 Professional VL En  by OVGorskiy® 03.2013 2DVD  new

The name of the program: Microsoft® Windows® 8 ™ Professional Vol (Pro)
Version: 6.2.9200 assembly 9200
The address of the official site: www.microsoft.com
Language of the interface: English
Bits: 32/64 bit (x86/x64)
Treatment in complete, type of medication: KMS Activator
Release date: March 2013 (integrated updates)
The author of the assembly: OVGorskiy / https://ovgorskiy.ru

Minimum system requirements:
   - Processor 1 GHz (32 or 64-bit for x86, 64 bit for x64);
   - 1 GB RAM for x86 system and 2 GB for x64;
   - 16/20 GB of free disk space for x 86/x64 ;
   - Graphics card with directx 9.
Description: the updated original english images Windows 8 Professional from Microsoft different bits for 2 different DVD ( x86 and x64 ). Includes "the net" is not modified Windows 8 images, collected in two different DVD by standard tools from Microsoft (AIK). Installation is completely "manually " with a choice of operating system installation settings. Integrated: important and recommended updates to March 2013, inclusive. Assemblies are designed for more comfortable transition to the newnot habitual interface of the new operating system. With these assemblies, you get all the advantages of a modern and progressive operating system not straining myself long and enjoyable process of habituation and adaptation. Speed of Win XP, Win 7 beauty and progressiveness Win 8 in one.
Build are based on the official images Microsoft MSDN:
    updates are integrated through March 2013, important and recommended;
    additional themes and background images.
Application automatically installed during the installation of OS:
   -     Classic Shell 3.6.5 en, the program to return to the familiar attributes of OS - "Start" button and start menu;
   -     Ultra UXTheme Patcher, program for the possibility of third-party themes.
    Install the operating system does not differ from the original. Installation time varies from 20 to 40 minutes depending on the capacity and power of the computer. Updates integrated standard tools of the Windows AIK. Applications are installed post-install internal OS installer. The images can be transferred to a USB flash drive on the appropriate procedure to create bootable media. Removing the USB flash drive or DVD from the computer before the installation of the system is not recommended.
Strongly recommend that you disable the update settings and automatically install drivers from Microsoft to avoid black screen on reboot.
For convenience in work in the OS image, minor changes:
▫ launched by default .Net Framework 3.5 (2.0, 3.0),
▫ show "my computer", "control panel" and IE10 on desktop,
▫ in menu "file" added "open with Notepad", "move to ...", "copy to .."
▫ in menu "computer" added "Device Manager",
▫ show hidden files and folders,
▫ show file extension,
▫ modified site search on Google in IE10,
○ added more backgrounds for your desktop,
○ added additional themes.
► Disabled UAC.
► Service, processes and components of Windows are by default nothing was removed and has not changed.

Additional material:

Folder "Add. activators" contains alternative activators.
The "Start button" folder contains additional icon to the Start button.
"Menu Start" folder contains alternative programs to return to the system menu and start button.
In the "Add. decor" program provides additional decor to change the appearance of the system: add transparency windows, remove the Strip from the top of the window, add a large package of icons "Metro Win8 Icon Pack", a small package of Smarty design Windows 8 "Basic".
Just added a "8GadgetPack" program to return to the system desktop gadgets with a set of gadgets.
Note: all additional material is intended for independent installation according to your desire.

The control sums of images:

Windows 8 x86 Pro VL En by OVGorskiy 03.2013.iso
CRC32: AC86D6E2
MD5: D4CE4DAC53AB6E2488AC44947D049554
SHA-1: 8AD99C7D7C629EB39F65E6CB16547FC6067301AD
Size: 3.78 GB (4 063 920 128 bite)
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Windows 8 x64 Pro VL En by OVGorskiy 03.2013.iso
CRC32: B4E13140
MD5: 03496E3223C70C725E6D7821C83FB992
SHA-1: 96F3CF3B649F282EE4F9AE09E2DCCE07B29D6F5B
Size: 4.37 GB (4 699 291 648 bite)

Activation of system:

    To activate system, take advantage of your license or think of its purchase.
    This version does not arrange whom, apply alternative.
    After installation of OS on a desktop there will be a folder "the Activator" and follow the following instruction.
    1. Disable the antivirus (if installed)!!
    2. Open the folder "Activator" on your desktop.
    3. Run the file "KMSAuto" from folder KMSAuto v 2.20 Portable.
    4. Follow the proposed programme instructions (in English).
    5. Reboot and check the result after reboot.
    6. If not successful, repeat point 3, result of almost 100%.
    ◄ Note: ► the activation system at the moment is possible only for 180 days KMS activators, with subsequent reactivate.
    ☼ Warning: applying the Activator you violate copyright Microsoft Corp. and are responsible only for YOU.

Useful recommendations.

    Download better images with verified sources. Always check the checksum of the file (the better to get to the site of the author of the product) Download and install the program "HashTab" . Right-click on the image file and select "Properties" select "checksum" (File Hashes). Calculated figures have to match each character specified on the site.     How to burn the downloaded operating system image on a DVD? You can use different programs to burn to a disk. It may be "CDBurnerXP" , Nero, Alhogol 120%, Ultra ISO. Be sure to put a tick "verify written data ". Highly recommend after recording test recorded DVD media specialized utilities like "Nero DiscSpeed" or "DVDInfoPro" errors and speed reading. If you find errors or bad read sector recommend rewrite the same image (DVD-RW) or another.

Add. information:

For add. information go to forum.

I am sorry for my English


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